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Every member of the band was a talented musician.  Often when there are six people on stage the individual talents of the members don’t stand out.  As I listened to Clave and Blues it was apparent that they have played together often as the band faded away to let each member play to their heart’s content on multiple extended solos

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Clave and Blues was an amazing band that truly delivered on their promise to bring, lively Latin music to our event. I could not recommend them more for an event - they are skilled, fun, and talented musicians that brought our event to life!

Review by Jeffrey Herrera (GigMasters)

This band is hot! Great for dancers. Cuban, old school and modern Latin jams. Lots of smiles and upbeat energy. Love this band!

Greg Coles (Facebook page)

Mind blown. Amazing band. Wow.

James W. Dottin III (Facebook page)

Un súper súper kudos al equipo de clave And Blues por hacer de nuestra fiesta anual una inolvidable! Music was amazing, la animación extra extra especial ... y waooo! Todos muy felices con la música fabulosa! Muchas gracias - la pásamos demasiado de bien! 👌👌👍👍👏

Dalines Torres (Facebook)